Healthy Benefits of Orange Juice

What’s amazing is that something as tasty as Tropicana Pure Premium® Orange Juice is also nutritious. Orange juice is one of the most nutrient-dense fruit juices commonly consumed in the United States – it provides a good source of potassium for heart health, folic acid and an excellent source of vitamin C – to help support a healthy immune system.

Just one 8oz. glass of Tropicana Pure Premium® Orange Juice provides:

  • Two servings of fruit. The 2010 Guidelines recommend that people increase their intake of vegetables and fruits as part of a healthy diet.*
    * The 2010 Dietary Guidelines recommend that vegetables and fruits should make up half your plate and that a majority of fruit consumption be whole fruit.
  • A day’s supply of Vitamin C. Vitamin C is important as a dietary antioxidant and helps in the absorption of iron. It also helps to support a healthy immune system.
  • A good source of Folic Acid. Folic Acid is important for normal cell growth and maintenance. It is also important for helping reduce the risk of certain birth defects of the brain or spinal cord.
  • As much Potassium as a medium banana. Potassium helps to control the balance of fluid in our body and may help to maintain a healthy blood pressure.